Fossilworks Fossil Molding Kit


Fossilworks, another hands on science kit from Skullduggery, takes the study of earth science to an exciting new level. Your students will be captivated as they cast, finish and learn about the wonderful world of fossils. Easy to use lesson plans and high quality manipulatives provide everything you will need for high interest scientific learning centers. Your students will relish their paleontologists roles as they reproduce authentic, full size fossil replicas. This award winning science kit makes it fun, interesting and easy for students to create, finish and study fossil replicas of their very own. Each kit comes complete with 6 high quality, reusable rubber molds (ammonite, crinoid, trilobite, cave bear tooth, shark tooth, and dinosaur claw), 2 bags of PerfectCast casting material, educational material on each fossil and a variety of informative and interactive exercises.